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How Can You Make Linkbait Go Viral?

There’s an inherent problem with all of this “content is king” bullshit. All of this “using social media to promote your linkbait”. There seems to be this view amongst people that have never tried it that all you need to make linkbait work is getting decent creative, or having the idea of a cool site, or idea or page. Stuff that people would like. Things that rock.

But there’s a problem with this, you could come up with something awesome. Something brilliant. And then you make it. And then people come. They see your linkbait, they link to it, everyone wins. Except obviously that’s not how it happens – how do you get people to your linkbait to begin with? I bet there’s loads of really awesome sites that have been left dormant and undiscovered for years, thousands of incredible sites that will never be seen by more than 5 people. It’s not an “if you build it, they will come” thing. Life is not like Field of Dreams. Luckily.

So here are some ways of getting traffic to your linkbait.

StumbleUpon Ads – It’s 5 cents a page view and you can specify your daily budget so you know exactly how many views your linkbait will get (in case you don’t want to crush your servers, or spend that much). Stumble has an interesting effect if your content is actually linkworthy – StumbleUsers aren’t going to make you cash directly, they won’t buy anything and they’re definitely not going to click your AdSense. Stumble users, however, are more technical than the average user of, say, Facebook. They’re more likely to have their own blog or control a site, and as such they’re more likely to give you a link if they like your linkbait. It’s also worth noting that a lot of Stumble users also use Digg, so if you’ve got a Digg button on your linkbait (and you probably should), then you might up your Digg count too.

Buy Diggs – Check out or Wickedfire, and buy some Diggs. Make sure you only do this if your content is good, and is likely to hold it’s own on Digg. You only want to do this just enough to get your listing noticed on Digg, I recommend getting around 30 Diggs to get you noticed, 50 Diggs max. You want to get just enough Diggs to be noticed in the upcoming section, and then you if your linkbait is good enough you should get organic Diggs to see you through.

Depending on what your linkbait is (and in the case of linkbait on behalf of clients, this can work quite often) you could offer to reskin a niche forum. You’ll need to track down a suitable forum and offer to pay to rebrand their forum for a month or two. Obviously won’t work for all linkbait, but it’s an idea.

Facebook groups – Find your target audience on particular groups and seed your linkbait there, see if it takes off. It should get you a bit of traffic and might help other people spread the word a bit.

Let us know in the comments if you have any ideas for getting your linkbait off the ground.

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Speaking of linkbait, what’s the answer to this?

You link to here from your About page, but I went back and did the other 7, and I’ve no idea what you want as the answer here :@



February 23, 2009 11:50 pm

Jonathan Stewart

Found this site searching for “ first answer”. You clearly don’t have the answer, but this might be a good starting point for anyone who finds them. Post here if you know what it is

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