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Does Wikipedia Pass Juice?

Every good SEO (and most of the bad ones) know that Wikipedia NoFollows all external links. Having said that, a lot of people have noticed that their sites get a significant boost in the SERPs whenever they get a link from Wiki. It might just be coincidence, but it makes sense. NoFollow was originally introduced by Google to clean up the link spam, particularly on sites like Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers. And it worked. Wikipedia used to be spamtown, and now it’s pretty clean with a userbase that doesn’t take any shit and is quick to remove any obvious spam. It’s fair to say that there’s nowhere near as much spam in Wikipedia than there used to be. It also makes Wiki an amazing source of content that almost always links out to high quality, authoritative, accurate sites.

This puts Google in a slightly awkward position. They could keep this excellent source of authoritiative links NoFollowed, and miss out on having a more relevant index *or* they could remove the NoFollow on the Wiki links and risk the place becoming spamtastic again.

In truth, they’ve probably gone with option 3. Secretly following Wiki links but making them appear to be NoFollow. This helps prevent the site getting spammed, and lets Google capitalise on the authoritative links.

I’m going to finish with a quick and easy method of getting a trusted Wikipedia account. If you’ve got a trusted account, it’s easier for you to sneak in a few well placed links of your own.

1. Search Google for common spelling mistakes

2. Search Wikipedia by searching Google for “spelling mistake” -intitle:talk -intitle:user

3. Fix the spelling error, make sure you’ve selected “This is a minor edit”

4. Repeat over time

In time you’ll have an account that’s build up a history of fixing errors. Easy.

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October 19, 2009 8:18 pm

Packaging Equipment

Hm, that is a pretty good idea. I once tried to post a company biography on Wikipedia and it was deleted within hours. Getting a trusted account this way would definitely help get some links up there. Thanks for this method!

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