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The Trouble With Digg

Digg, the social bookmarking/voting/massive traffic driving site that it is, has a massive, massive flaw. It’s algorithm has been tweaked almost exclusively to prevent it from being gamed, and it’s biggest, decisive factor is to place more weight to people that have trusted accounts, people that digg stories that later become more successful.

This is where the problem occurs:

1. Digger submits something to Digg. It becomes popular. His account gets trust added.

2. Digger submits something else to Digg. It is more likely to become popular with his new trust. It becomes popular, he gets more trust.

3. Digger submits more stories, these are all more likely to get to the frontpage, and so they’re more likely to be seen and he’s more likely to get even more trust from Digg’s algorithm.

4. This happens with so many Diggers that at some point, those with regular accounts can’t get their stories even seen by anyone else because their level of trust is so low by comparison. They don’t have a chance to get their stories popular.

That’s the point we’re at now. Those diggers who have been lucky enough to have had stories go popular early on can get things frontpaged easily, whereas other people with regular accounts most often can’t get their story seen at all *even if it’s really fucking good*.

The trust assigned to the newly trusted Diggers just continues to escalate, and their ability to get to the frontpage snowballs. Of course, it doesn’t help matters that there are hundreds of bots in Digg that are designed to look normal by voting up everything on the homepage each day, but then that’s a different argument.

Digg really needs to sort itself out, because this emphasis on making Digg ungameable is just making regular Digg users really fucking angry.

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