Does Bing Rely Too Heavily On Backlinks?

09 Jun 2009, Posted by admin in Nohat, 2 Comments

Does Bing Rely Too Heavily On Backlinks?

I’ve been digging around a little bit with Bing and there’s a few things that are unusual. I’ve not looked into this too much exactly, but I’m seeing some strange results when you search for SEO companies in the UK.

Check out a search for bigmouthmedia – for me, the second result is Bigmouthmedia isn’t mentioned anywhere on Digging a bit deeper, I found out that Superbreak is (or was) a client of bigmouth. Ordinarily I wouldn’t announce who is a client for who, but I don’t think bigmouth or Superbreak will mind because bigmouth announced it themselves with press releases (apparantly they’re doing a very good job).

Bing's bigmouthmedia listings

Interestingly though, if you search for other SEO companies you can start to, sometimes, find sites that may well be their clients.

I’ve not examined this too much, but it’s definitely interesting how Bing works. It’s possible that it’s got a very, very strong reliance on backlink anchor text (so if you’ve got just the one backlink with “bigmouthmedia” as the anchor text, you can rank even if the term doesn’t appear anywhere on your site).

Another interesting possibility is that Bing might look at sites that are often both linked to at the same time, and may use this to determine if they’re related. If that’s what they’re doing then, with a bit more polish, that may just work.

(Flickr image from Brajeshwar)

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June 10, 2009 1:53 pm

Andy Blackburn

Yup. Seen this too, as you well know. Although in our case, we have never done the SEO for the random result we are getting, nor are there any links, that I can find, between the two domains. Bloody weird.

June 28, 2010 12:22 am


Yup I have also came across this. It is a little strange but as we all know all search engines work on there algorithms constantly. I think its best to just get as many backlinks as you can, its very hard to prove or disprove these kind of assumptions.

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