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Was Google Right To Penalize Google?

In case you didn’t know, Google Japan recently used a Japanese based Pay-Per-Post system by a company called CyberBuzz to help launch a new set of Google features.

It looks like Google Japan (and Cyberbuzz) aimed to get bloggers talking about Google’s features, to raise awareness and to get a bit of a discussion going. They wanted it to go viral. Techcrunch first broke the story and news spread around the SEO community rapidly. Matt Cutts then went on to announce Google Japan getting a penalty, getting it’s toolbar Page Rank knocked down from 9 to 5.

So, Google was seen as buying links and got a penalty for it. This is Google’s way of saying that even they aren’t immune to their own rules and regulations. It fits in well with their ‘Don’t Be Evil’ thing, at first glance.

But Google Japan weren’t doing it for the dofollow links – they were doing it to spread awareness. It’s advertising. It’s like buying banner ads. If the site doing it wasn’t Google, if they were just a regular company that doesn’t know anything about Google’s link penalty system (and it looks like Google Japan’s marketing department fits that bill) and they just want to advertise their new product, shouldn’t they be able to? If it’s this easy for Google to accidentally buy links and get a penalty, how easy is it going to be for other sites that don’t know anything about SEO?

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