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Tiny Useful Google Search Tips

There’s a few little things that can help you when searching Google and I figured I might as well share, they’re especially useful when you’re playing around with Google to check out what your competitors are doing, scanning through the listings, looking at international versions, all that stuff. So..

Adjusting Google results for international listings: Apend the URL with &gl=US (for America) &gl=UK (for UK), etc. Adding the obvious acronym for the country will work.


Display results only from the last 24 hours: Apend the URL with &as_qdr=d. (Similarly, &as_qdr=w will be week, &as_qdr=m will be month annd &as_qdr=y will be year).

Display 100 results: Apend the URL with &num=100. This works for any number up to 100. There’s something you can do that’s quite interesting and useful too – if you have a competitor ranking well for a search term, and they’ve got an indented result, you can find exactly where that indented result should be. Google generally only shows at most 2 results for one domain on the first page of results. If the site is ranking first for a search term and manages to get a second result pushed to number 10, then it’s instantly bumped up to just beneath the first result, and will be displayed as an indented result. Check out Wikipedia ranking on a query for Gibson (going with the guitars theme here). From where I am, I’m seeing Wikipedia in position 2 with an indented result right beneath it.


If you want to find out where that indented result should actually be placed, try appending the URL with &num=4. It’s no longer there so we know that it’s not actually in the top 4. Through a quick process of trial and error, I’m seeing that it’s not in the top 9, but it is in the top 10. This means that the real rank for that second query is in position 10. If you’re on the first page of listings and want to move up one, you can try making whatever’s in position 11 rank higher to push Wikipedia off that front page.

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