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If You Were Google

If you were Google, what would you do to keep your index relevant, authoritative, fresh, spam-free and useful? How would you build your algorithm to make sure that only honest, natural and editorially given links were counted?

Would you follow Wikipedia links?

Would you allow sites to lose link authority by linking out, or would you reward them for it?

Would you allow directory links to count in your algorithm?

Would you allow blog comments to pass link authority, or would you try to discount them? If so, why? If not, why not?

Would you let links from press releases count? What about Twitter? What about Gtalk, and Gmail?

Would you allow internal footer links to pass value, or would you try to only count regular navigational links? Why would you discount footer links? Why would you not?

If a site had a huge number of inlinks from the same IP range, would you let all of those links count?

Would it matter to you if an inlink was surrounded by related text, or would you count links that were on their own?

Would you allow links from unrelated pages to pass value? Why? Why not?

Next time you find out about a technique working, or not working, ask yourself why Google would allow it to happen. Always, always think like Google.

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