Google UK Results Are All Crazytimes

30 Jun 2009, Posted by admin in Google, 1 Comments

Google UK Results Are All Crazytimes

Google’s UK results have been a bit bizarre for the last few weeks now, and it’s worrying to think that Google might actually be considering that they’re normal. I don’t mean the latest Vince update rolling out across the UK (although if you’re interested you might want to look at exploiting that brand update) – I mean the bizarre level of international domains appearing in Google UK. Google’s results right now look a mess. A clumsy, ham-fisted mess.

Terrible, terrible Google result

A search for the term “dining out”, when I’m searching from London, shouldn’t really be bringing back a South African site, about restaurants in South Africa on a, hosted in America. Especially not as the second result. At the moment, “dining out” also includes these results on the first page:


An American site that clearly states a number of American restaurants, and an Australian site with a top-level domain. Not really relevant. These are all on the first page, don’t forget.

Nothing, to be honest, compares to these results though. A search for “order dvds” returns, on page 1, this:


To it’s credit, it lists the UK Play and Amazon sites first (and we could potentially forgive it for including too, considering how authoritative that domain is), but seriously? The rest of it? They’re clearly American sites, and that Zeitgeist movie site is so many shades of awful it’s untrue.

When this first happened, most people assumed that it was a glitch. Having said that, these results are still here and it’s been weeks. Andrew Girdwood mentioned this, and I think it’s important that Google realise that the UK results aren’t at their best. If you can find a worse results page, let everyone know in the comments and I will give you exactly one free high-five.

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July 1, 2009 8:55 am


How did I know you would be one of the first to bring this up?

I’ve seen a few spectacularly messed up SERPs recently, and since Vince, have been re-running a lot of rank reports for all clients to see just what effect this has had. Once I’ve got some clear results, I’ll drop you a link 😉

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